Atomic+ Released on iTunes and OST on Bandcamp

2013-12-19 04:30:48 by amidos2006

Atomic+ an expanded version of my flash game Atomic is now out on App Store for 0.99$ till the end of the year then the game will be priced to 1.99$ afterwards (

Also if you liked the music in the game you can grab it for 3$ from Agent Whiskers' Bandcamp (


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2013-12-19 08:38:22

Sounds like fun i guess just not going to play it ever because i don't care about mobiles.

amidos2006 responds:

why not try the free version Atomic on Newgrounds till the PC/MAC/Linux version of Atomic+ is released :)


2014-10-30 18:13:00

Reminds me of "Hexagon" ever play that?
-John Mark

amidos2006 responds:

Its inspired by Super Hexagon which is the expanded version of Hexagon on all platforms :)