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I am Ahmed Abdel Samea Hassan a Computer Engineer graduate, since I was young and I dreamt of making games and making a large company, but when I grew up I liked indie games more and stopped playing AAA games for awhile. So I am an indiegame developer.

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Posted by amidos2006 - January 25th, 2017

Hello everyone,

I made a mobile version for my game C-Square (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671001). It's free for iOS (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Amidos.CSquare) and Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Amidos.CSquare). Consider checking the website for OST or press information (http://www.amidos-games.com/csquare/).

Here is a trailer for the game:

Hope you will like the game and have a nice weekend :)

Posted by amidos2006 - December 19th, 2013

Atomic+ an expanded version of my flash game Atomic is now out on App Store for 0.99$ till the end of the year then the game will be priced to 1.99$ afterwards (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/atomic+/id773373906)

Also if you liked the music in the game you can grab it for 3$ from Agent Whiskers' Bandcamp (http://agentwhiskers.bandcamp.com/album/atomic)

Posted by amidos2006 - October 29th, 2012

Hey All,
First time to post here :) Sorry for not posting before and I hope you can forgive me about that :)
Me and Vartagh started working on a retro top down shooter long time ago (around 10 months ago) and we called this game Alone in the Park :)

We took long time to finish it and make it a nice game to be played for hours and compete with your friends (I know that time is more than time the game took to be created that's because we are not full time indie and we work in spare time).

Now the game is finished and looking for sponsorship and to be tested :) and its the time for the whole world to know about the game :)

So Are you ready to fight hundreds and hundres of cute but evil mushrooms to get out of the park?

After a hard-work day...john the cook closes his restaurant and goes home...
but it's very very late... nobody is around in the city, and home is far away...so John decides to pass trought through the abandoned park to make his way shorter.
The Park is strangely lighted with a strong blue white light... he enters to look for the reason..a strange portal stands in the center of the park.... It seems to call him next to it...
He finds himself pushed into a strange park, with unnatural colors, a starless sky with 2 moons...maybe another dimension ?
The portal disappears ... and now John is...

...Alone in the Park

Here are some screenshots:

Here is a trailer for the game (it is meant to be funny btw):

- 7 playable / unlockable characters (featuring 3 IndieGames characters)
- 2 Gameplay modes
- Lots of different mushroom types
- Boss Fights
- Upgrades
- RPG elements and power ups
- Achievements
- Different ending

Interested to try it, the game is now uploaded to FGL for bidding and testing (https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game _id=26355).

For sponsors that want to try the game away from FGL just send me a PM here or send me an email (amidos2002@hotmail.com) and I will forward to you all the details (I wish newgrounds are interested to sponsor it as I adore that site).